The Jasper Local

by Bob Covey
Jasper Local
September 1, 2013    

Bronwynne Brent admits she often feels like she doesn’t belong.

“I’m in limbo,” she said in her Mississippi drawl. “I sometimes don’t know what drives me to do this life.” Perhaps Brent is from a different time. After all, most of her songs are about love; she pines for the days when an artist wouldn’t have to worry about the complications of the internet; and she hasn’t left the U.S. since she was a little girl. “Canada’s a long way off,” she said about her impending trip to the Jasper Folk Music Festival. If Bronwynne’s southern decency and Mississippi roots begin to box the singer-songwriter in, her music quickly defies the stereotypes—and any genres that critics might try to place her in. Her progressive sound fuses the folk and blues that played on her parents’ turntables with poignant, soul spinners which make indie kids peek over their horn rims. While Brent’s voice is velvet, her backing band provides spooky guitar bends and clanky piano riffs—sounds which tumble to their own cyclone in and around the Austin music scene.

Listening to Brent is like discovering that gorgeously upholstered chair is actually meant for sitting. “The way I see it is don’t try to compare yourself with others,” she said.  

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