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'Stardust' from Bronwynne Brent- self-penned songs with a wholly enfolding style March 26, 2014 VIEW

Following on from her debut 'Deep Black Water,' Mississippi delta native and idiosyncratic folk singer, Bronwynne Brent, now offers us Stardust - an album that takes the next rise in a flight that's destined to soar. Delivered with a wholly unfolding style that takes much from a voice alternately capable of reaching out to beguile, accuse, remonstrate and arouse, this is a collection of self-penned songs that walk between the lines of softly-engaging and fearlessly-arresting.

The reflection of memories, understanding of sorrow and personal resilience in these songs is palpable. There’s the mournful fatalism of ‘The Mirror’, the salutary lessons of ‘Don’t Tell Your Secrets to the Wind’ and the depth of understanding in ‘Devil Again’ – each serving as milestones of involvement. You have to live such sensitivities to express them eloquently. And it’s the distinctive way that Bronwynne conveys those sensations that make them stay with you. The recurring shadows of ‘Dark Highway’ or deep-seated sadness of ‘When You Said Goodbye’ expose a raw bleakness that makes no concessions to easing you into their stories.

There’s a fascinating edge to these songs. They slice with the spell of a silent blade. Before you know it the cut runs deep and you’re sharing the places, people, memories and moments.

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